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Welcome to another academic year here at BRCC! Over the summer your BRCC librarians have been hard at work making changes and bringing in new additions to improve your library experience. Some of these improvements will be highlighted here. But many others will need to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Why not stop by the Magnolia Library today?

The lights burn bright at BRCC!

      We start with a recent American Libraries Association (ALA) brief that discussed reasons to use the library. Of course there are many benefits and reasons for why one would want to stop by their library, but these are just a few examples of how the library can complement the learning taking place in your courses, the focus on success, and ultimately gain more completers for BRCC.


Students benefit from library instruction in their initial coursework. Information literacy instruction provided to students during their initial coursework helps them acquire a common set of competencies for their undergraduate studies. The assessment findings from numerous AiA projects that focused on information literacy initiatives for freshmen and new students underscore that students receiving this instruction perform better in their courses than students who do not.

Library use increases student success. Several AiA studies point to increased academic success when students use the library. The analysis of multiple data points (e.g., circulation, library instruction session attendance, online database access, study room use, interlibrary loan) shows that students who used the library in some way achieved higher levels of academic success (e.g., GPA, course grades, retention) than students who did not use the library.

 Collaborative academic programs and services involving the library enhance student learning. Academic library partnerships with other campus units, such as the writing center, academic enrichment, and speech lab, yield positive benefits for students (e.g., higher grades, academic confidence, retention).

 Information literacy instruction strengthens general education outcomes. Several AiA projects document that library instruction improves students’ achievement of institutional core competencies and general education outcomes. The project findings demonstrate different ways that information literacy contributes to inquiry-based and problem-solving learning, including effective identification and use of information, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and civic engagement.

Library research consultations boost student learning. One-on-one or small-group reference and research assistance with a librarian enhances academic success, as documented by such factors as student confidence, GPAs, and improved achievement on course assignments.

    If you frequently use our catalog to access material, you may notice a few improvements. Our results page now features pictures of the cover of the book that has been retrieved. This is particularly helpful if you have seen the book somewhere before, or have a vague recollection of what the book looks like. This feature can also help you locate the book, once you begin looking in the stacks.

A sample search result with the book covers displayed.
     Once you have selected a book from the results list, a larger picture is displayed. You will also have an opportunity to examine the details of the book by clicking on "A look inside" in blue text located at the top of the result page.

   After clicking on "A Look Inside," you will have the opportunity to read a brief summary, look at the table of contents, or read some of the author's notes.

   Through collaboration with LOUIS, the Louisiana Library Network, online access to the Complete SAGE Knowledge Collection was recently purchased with grant funding from the Board of Regents.  As a member of the LOUIS consortium, the BRCC Library will provide access to all titles in the SAGE eBook collection to students, faculty and staff for one year.  Access to the SAGE collection is provided as part of an evidence-based acquisitions program.  After the initial subscription to the collection expires on July 31, 2018, a portion of the funding from the Board of Regents grant will be allotted to LOUIS member institutions to purchase a limited number of eBook titles from the SAGE Knowledge Collection to own in perpetuity.  Priority for selection will be given to eBooks selected  for use as course materials.  The 4,900+ titles in the SAGE eBook collection are DRM-free. Users can print or download chapters from the eBooks, and each title can be accessed by an unlimited number of simultaneous users.  The database also includes a selection of educational videos.

SAGE Log in screen

You can access the SAGE Knowledge Collection by going to>Quick Links--->BRCC Library --->Online Databases ---> Scroll to eBook Databases---> SAGE eBooks

The SAGE Knowledge Collection can be accessed on or off campus by clicking on the SAGE eBooks link.  When you are off campus, you will need to login using your Lnumber (with a capital L) as your user ID and your 6-digit birthdate, in the format mmddyy, as your PIN.

For more information on the SAGE Knowledge Collection, contact Lauren McAdams: or call the Library Reference Desk at (225) 216-8555.  Please let us know if you are using any of the SAGE eBooks in your classes or if there are specific titles that you would like to recommend for purchase.

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Gallaway, Teri.  “LOUIS Provides SAGE Knowledge eBooks to All Members.” LOUIS Lagniappe, vol. 4, no. 1, 2017, pp. 12-13,  Accessed 7 September 2017.

    Another resource that has received updates is the Libguides. We have 75 total guides. Most of them are created for a specific course or program here at BRCC. The new guides are cleaner, crisper, and easier to navigate.

Screenshot of the OER Libguide

    Your liaison librarian provides updates to these pages, so if there is some information or content that you would like added, contact your liaison. As you browse, you are sure to find amazing resources. For example, a link to the British Library in the Art Libguide can connect you to the scanned copies of Leonado da Vinci's notebook.

Screenshot from the open access British Library of da Vinci notebook

    Your BRCC librarians have already begun conducting library orientations and bibliographic instruction sessions. We have visited classes Jackson, New Roads, Port Allen, ATC, Hooper, Frazier, and Acadian. We are always happy to assist your instruction through information literacy. Being information literate is an important key for college success. We can help your students succeed!

Librarian, Laddawan Kongchum visiting students at the Central site. 

    If you would like to schedule a librarian in your class contact the library reference desk at 216-8555, or Your liaison librarian would also be happy to speak with you.

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