Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 2016

Happy New Year, and welcome to another semester at BRCC! As you begin to prepare for the spring semester, consider incorporating information literacy sessions into your class schedule. We, in the library, offer several ways to reach your students on how to conduct research, use information as a creative process, recognize the value of research and information, and how to search for useful information as strategic exploration. All of these information literacy skills build curiosity, create lifelong learners, and aid in retention. Last semester we held 51 sessions for a total 973 students. While this is a good number, it represents less than a third of BRCC's student population. With your help we can reach even more students. Some of the services we offer include information sharing sessions, custom bibliographic instruction sessions, library orientation sessions, and library tours.  

Information Sharing Sessions

During the fall semester Magnolia Library offered a series of sessions aimed at helping students conduct research through the myriad of resources available to them in the library. These open sessions were held at strategic times for students to drop in outside of their class schedules. Students had the opportunity to bring their research topics and receive one-on-one expert instruction on the research process.

Librarian Kathy Seidel leading an information
sharing session.

Custom Bibliographic Instruction Sessions

The library has long offered custom BI sessions, and we will continue to do so. These sessions are designed for a librarian to come to your class and demonstrate the resources available to students. These sessions are usually timed to a project, paper, or presentation assigned in your class and allow students to see what they can use from the library to help them with that specific project. In these lessons, the librarian works directly with the instructor to create sessions that vary in time, content, and presentation, depending on the requirements set forth by the instructor. BI's do not have to take up your entire class time, sessions have been conducted in as little as 15 minutes.      

Librarian Peter Klubek conducting a BI session on
Architecture at the Acadian Site. 

Library Orientation Sessions

These sessions are similar to BI's, but usually occur at the beginning of the semester and are aimed at an entire cohort of students rather than one specific class. These sessions also tend to be lengthier than a typical BI, as they are meant to demonstrate the resources available to students that they might use throughout their time at BRCC.     

Librarian Lauren McAdams leading a
nursing student library orientation at the
Frazier site.

Library Tours

Like the BI, these sessions are usually custom tailored to the instructor requesting the tour. We can emphasize any or all of the resources available within the library here at BRCC. Oftentimes students do not realize the extent of what's available in their library. It is not uncommon for a tour to conclude with students remarking that they did not know they had access to such a great library. Instructors too, are often pleasantly surprised. Did you know about the "Freedom Shrine" on the third floor, the institutional archive available through archives, or what's included in the two special collections (Carville Earle Collection and Multi-Cultural Children's Collection) on the second floor?   

Librarian Laddawan Kongchum leading a
dual enrollment group tour of the library. 

Information literacy and how to use the library are critical skills in this contemporary information age. Why not encourage your students to attend an information sharing session when you see the flyers in your inbox? Invite your librarian liaison to your class for a BI, library tour, or set up a program orientation. At a recent LCTCS conference one attendee asked one of our librarians their subject and how many students they teach. When they found they were speaking with a librarian, their response was "..oh! You teach all of them." At some point your students will have to use information resources, and we need your help in making certain our students leave BRCC as information savvy individuals that are able to pursue multiple avenues of knowledge as new understanding develops.  

Book Talk
The Crossover
Kwame Alexander
Thursday, January 21, 2016
Magnolia Library 2nd floor

The Magnolia Library is pleased to announce a book talk by Newbery Medal author and poet, Kwame Alexander.  Mr. Alexander received the 2015 Newbery Medal for The Crossover, a sports novel in verse, which also earned a Coretta Scott King Honor award.   The story is about basketball, and of course much more.  According to The Horn Book Magazine, “Alexander has the swagger and cool confidence of a star player and the finesse of a perfectly in-control ball-handler.” You can learn more about him

We hope that you will recommend this presentation to your students.  Kwame Alexander will speak for 30 minutes, then a Q&A, book signing and reception will follow.  Books will be available for purchase at the event.  If you would like to bring a class or would like a sign-in sheet for your class, please let us know.

Thank you for your support, and have a great semester!!

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