Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 2016

The library announces the latest library instruction opportunity.  Please encourage your students to attend one of these sessions. It is an excellent source for one on one instruction, and could also be used to help students get started on a research project, presentation, or similar assignment.

There have been many studies that examine the effectiveness of library instruction and why it is an important component of student learning. One recent article, looked at how faculty view library instruction and describes why it is useful to them in their teaching.

Faculty at the University of New Mexico were asked to respond to several questions, including why they thought library instruction was important, why they ask librarians to teach the library skills needed, and to provide examples of how library instruction made a difference in their course.

Many responses cited the need for library instruction because students are entering college without the skills necessary to conduct research. This was stated by over half of the respondents. Many also added that library instruction was needed to counteract use of the internet. The faculty stated that students do not know how to discriminate between a valid source of information and one that is questionable. They stated that they rely on the librarians to teach these needed skills because there is always new information and that they learn something each time the librarian comes to visit. The faculty also reported that use of library instruction served as a time saver because students could then find whatever resources were needed without having to ask for additional help. Half of the respondents also added that library instruction results in better papers, projects and presentations. Finally, the faculty polled stated that library instruction helps to generate a sense of discovery and interest in what the students are learning.

Faculty at BRCC have echoed many of the statements made by those at the University of New Mexico. Using library instruction in your course has many benefits. Any instruction method that will help students learn and make their learning process easier should not be overlooked.  Especially when those methods could result in an increase in enrollment and retention due to an increased love of learning. Consider adding this element to your course by contacting your library liaison, contacting the library directly at 216-8555, or by incorporating the upcoming workshops.

Manuel, K., Beck, S. E., & Molloy, M. (2005). An Ethnographic Study of Attitudes Influencing Faculty Collaboration in Library Instruction. Reference Librarian, 43(89/90), 139-161. doi:10.1300/J120v43n89•10

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